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Transform Your Customer Marketing with Base


Discover  Base.ai and transform how you engage with your customers beyond Influitive's basic reviews and community management.  Base seamlessly integrates across digital channels and your CRM, providing unparalleled automation for advocacy, references, and customer engagement.

This year, businesses are making the switch to Base, choosing our innovative platform for real results in customer marketing.

Start making your customer marketing count with Base, where comprehensive support drives your success.

6 Reasons Why Teams Choose Base over Influitive

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All-In-One Platform

Base is a headquarters for you, your organization’s cross-functional teams, and your customers. Whether its advocacy, community, reference management, customer engagement, adoption, retention marketing, upsell & expansion, or multiple programs - Base is the only solution that has it all.



Automated Advocacy Anywhere

Customer Touchpoint Automation feature, designed to grow and activate your advocacy and reference pool, seamlessly integrates with various channels enabling you to communicate with your customer base through: Advocacy Portal, email, in-app notifications, Slack, SMS, and website pop-ups on properties like Community and Academy. 


Advanced Reporting

Take advantage of our advanced reporting capabilities, including individual customer journey mapping and detailed attribution and ROI influence reporting. This powerful combination provides insightful data on references, customer content, reviews, and advocacy, enabling businesses to fully understand and optimize the impact of their marketing efforts.



Content Management

Streamline operations with efficient workflows and a comprehensive content repository. Manage customer content and processes effectively, with seamless access to an extensive customer content database, facilitating collaboration and enhancing productivity across the organization.



Segmentation And Targeting

Segment your customers and trigger targeted messaging and sequenced campaigns. Leverage data points from CRM, Customer Support (CS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), community interactions, and more,for precise and personalized communication strategies that resonate with each segment of your audience.


Campaign Structure

Set up a variety of calls-to-action (CTAs) for reviews, references, education, social engagement, and content creation in one place. Run robust upsell and expansion campaigns and leverage our comprehensive referrals and affiliate tracking capabilities to ensure that every aspect of your marketing efforts is measured and optimized for maximum impact.


Trusted By Leading Companies

  • HubSpot with Base
  • Alteryx with Base
  • Gitlab with Base
  • Freshworks with Base
  • MalwareBytes with Base
  • Zscaler with Base
  • Avalara with Base
  • Similarweb with Base
  • Radware with Base

  • What Customer Marketing Leaders Are Saying About Base

    "The Base platform allows users to effectively scale their customer advocacy programs. It would be almost impossible to run an advocacy program without a platform such as Base, especially for companies that have a large number of individual users."







    Jonathan Goldberg
    Director of Customer Success Marketing & Analyst Relations - Similarweb

    "Base has empowered the programmatic reach on a global scale. One clear example is the 3x improvement in driving 3rd party reviews to Gartner peer insights, G2 and TrustRadius. We achieved that in less than a quarter - whereas it took almost triple the time to get similar results without Base.

    That's one program example. Multiply it on all our customer programs / campaigns and understand how pivotal Base is to our success."



    Luis Gonzalez
    Head of Global Customer Advocacy & Community Marketing - Alteryx

    "Using Base for engaging our community and advocacy experience has empowered our growth of the program, we've engaged tens-of-thousands of customers, that completed over 20,000 actions via Base. The ability to activate customers and advocates on a macro level with multiple options to engage has transformed how our customers and partners share their love and knowledge of HubSpot."




    Christina Garnett
    Senior Marketing Manager, Offline Community & Advocacy - HubSpot

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    Made by Customer Marketers for Customer Marketers

    What else is special about Base?


    Privacy, Security and Compliance Teams Love us!

    Base is the most secure customer marketing platform in the industry and uses SOC 2 compliance. We are a cloud-based company entrusted with some of our customers’ most valuable data we are incredibly focused on keeping you and your data safe. Learn more on our website



    We're committed to helping you grow, and grow, and grow... 

    As a Customer-Led Growth company, we also place heavy emphasis on supporting the growth and success of our own customers, through community-led education, events and programs that we know can help. Our Customer-led Growth Campus, live events, and on-line webinars are just some examples of our strong belief in learning and knowledge.


    620f62fa-b3d0-4b97-9f7e-709a176e85c6Customer-led integrations are our jam

    Our platform is integrated with leading CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, Oracle and others, so that Sales are empowered with independent access to Referrals, References, Upsell and Cross-Sell and their impact is tracked from A-Z.