Streamlining Customer Advocacy: Billtrust's Seamless Migration to Base


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Billtrust, a pioneer in automated invoice-to-cash solutions, recently embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their customer advocacy program. Under the leadership of Sharon Warrington, the company transitioned from using Influitive to Base Tech Inc. This strategic move aimed to modernize their platform, improve support, and consolidate their advocacy efforts in a single, more effective system.

Business Challenge and Solution

Billtrust faced several challenges with their existing platform, Influitive. The platform, while functional, had become clunky and outdated, lacking essential features and robust support. Sharon Warrington needed a solution that could streamline the advocacy program, provide a better user experience, and house all customer information in one place.

After a thorough evaluation, Sharon chose Base Tech Inc. for its intuitive design, modern features, and exceptional customer support. The decision was influenced by Base’s ability to mimic the familiar aspects of Influitive while offering significant enhancements, such as the reference module and video recording capabilities. The migration process was rapid, launching the new platform within a few weeks. Sharon emphasized the importance of pre-migration data cleanup and proactive customer communication, which were key to the smooth transition.

"The migration from Influitive to Base Tech Inc. was incredibly smooth. We launched the new platform within a few weeks, and the support from Base was outstanding. Their responsiveness to our feedback has been impressive, and we haven't received any negative feedback from our customers about the transition."

Sharon Warrington

Senior Customer Advocacy Manager


The migration to Base Tech Inc. has yielded outstanding results for Billtrust. The platform’s launch was seamless, and the customer advocacy program continued without disruption. The modern features of Base have enhanced the user experience, enabling Sharon and her team to manage day-to-day operations with ease and minimal training. The centralized platform now houses all customer information, streamlining advocacy efforts and improving efficiency.


Future Plan

Looking forward, Billtrust plans to leverage Base Tech Inc. to further enhance their advocacy program. Sharon aims to build a comprehensive database of customer references, allowing sales reps to self-serve customer references that meet specific criteria. She envisions a platform where customers’ profiles indicate their willingness to participate in various activities, such as speaking at events or with analysts, improving the overall experience for customers working with Billtrust.

Additionally, Sharon plans to continue providing feedback to Base Tech Inc., helping to shape the product roadmap and ensure the platform evolves to meet the needs of its users. She believes that more Influitive customers will migrate to Base, recognizing its superior features and support. Sharon is committed to fostering a vibrant community for Base customers, driving deeper engagement and collaboration.



Billtrust’s successful migration to Base Tech Inc. stands as a testament to the power of modern technology and responsive support in driving customer advocacy. With a solid foundation in place, Sharon and her team are poised to take their advocacy program to new heights, benefiting from a platform that listens to its users and continually evolves to meet their needs.