Welcome to Base,
Our journey starts here.

We started Base because we believe the world has come full circle back to the understanding that when your customers are successful, you are successful. Our mission is to deliver a Customer-led Growth solution that is as much a strategy as it is a technological platform, and we’ve based it on the following beliefs:

Credibility is achieved by keeping it real

Personalization needs to evolve

Automation is crucial to scale

Nothing will ever be one size fits all

Revenue is not an r-word!

Elevating others is incredibly powerful


Base is a headquarters for you and your customers. It’s where all your customer interactions take place, and it’s where you weave those interactions into gold.


Base is where you are awarded for your successes, and where you own your letdowns. It’s where you truly get to know your customers and understand their needs, so you can feed that knowledge back into performance.


Don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying that B2B is all one big happy family now. Just that from herein, Base, and you, and your customers are in it together.

We’re a Happy Bunch. Join Base and be part of Customer Marketing history!

Our values are the foundations of our culture, our business and product.


Infuse customers in all business aspects, make them partners, grow together

Continuous Improvement

Done-Better-Great. Initiate, deliver, improve. Kaizen mindset

Humility & Integrity

Always be learning. Keep it real and keep your word. Give authentic actionable feedback

Playful Ownership

Execute & be accountable. Collaborate & experiment, to get sh*t done but make it fun

Embrace Change

We move fast, take risks & constantly evolve, startups life is dynamic - enjoy it!


Lead by example and challenge paradigms with passion and commitment

Join Base and be part of Customer Marketing history!