The CMA Programs

The CMA Programs

Base is your go-to place to visualize customer journeys, create and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns to engage effectively with your entire customer base. Don’t reach out to your customers only when you need something. Be there with them along the way. They will want to help you!



Branded Advocacy & Community Portal Branded Advocacy & Community Portal

Branded Advocacy & Community Portal

We are committed to supporting your growth.

Move your already-established community over to our white-label portal or use it to hit-the-ground-running with an advocacy interface developed to help you roll out your programs and scale faster, with less effort:

  • Add the portal as a stand-alone landing page to your website
  • Or embed it within an existing introductory page

Let your advocates choose the ASKs they want to complete, reward them and boost their motivation via the advocacy leaderboard.

Gamification Gamification


Tune gamification up or down according to the programs you run and the audiences you target.

With Base you can give a white-glove experience to C-suite executives, while at the same time leveraging gamification methodologies (leader boards, badges, etc.) to target mid-level or more junior roles.