Merge Community & Advocacy

Personalize Advocacy Outreach to Active Community Members

Advocacy is about voicing customer experiences and leveraging them to drive performance and add value back to the user community. Our platform lets customers share knowledge and experiences that help them glean more value from your products and services. But activating a user community within our centralized platform, also presents un-gated opportunities for Advocacy ASKS, and enables hands-on engagements that customers appreciate.

Merge Community

Embed a reward zone within your community

We all have a common ambition: to learn and become better at what we do. You’ll be surprised how many wonderful things can happen without you even being involved! Your community members will help each other and create a virtuous cycle whereby everybody wins. So, whether they’re asking questions or contributing knowledge, encourage and reward members of your community for being active.

Display cross-platform achievements in community user profiles

Moreover, with Base, you can opt to display member contributions on user profiles to continually motivate, reward and drive progress. Use our platform’s community portal to encourage users to enrich their profiles with advocacy and community contributor badges they can be proud of.


Redefine Customer Lifecycle Marketing with Advocacy


Enrich advocate engagement from within your community

Scale your advocacy database with a public space in your online community, for advocates to browse and engage with ungated Advocacy activities.

Automate activity

Automate activity tracking & motivate with gamification

Host a complete, scalable advocacy program from within your community, including targeted ASKs, points assignment, badges, and rewards.


Leverage community attributes for targeting

Take advantage of community attributes - such as “Kudos earned from others'' - in order to target your advocacy campaigns.

Luis Gonzalez
“From a customer marketing perspective, Base is the first of its kind in helping customer marketing & advocacy practitioners bundle reference management, advocacy management, and marketing as well as customer marketing.”

Luis Gonzalez, Manager,Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx

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