Harness the power of VoC

Your customer’s voice will always be the one your prospects – and your other customers – hear the loudest. Base identifies Advocacy opportunities and automates ASKs for activities that amplify the voices that matter most.

Harness the power of VoC
Voice experiences

Voice experiences to drive sales & foster loyalty

  • Give prospects a credible source of flowing information to influence their buying decision and address their specific needs
  • Focus on customer needs to increase the value they receive from your company
  • Align your cross-functional teams around shared business goals
Evaluate experiences

Evaluate experiences based on consolidated data

  • Gather data from multiple channels to piece together a more accurate evaluation of customer usage and user experience
  • Identify opportunities to deepen engagement and give customers closure on their feedback
Cross Organizational

Build your program on cross-organizational goals

  • Take the helm of a top-down initiative with business impact
  • Strengthen prospect and customer engagements by empowering teams to participate in the dialog
  • Listen to the market to help your organization understand what prospects and customers need to succeed
Leverage automation

Leverage automation and reporting to close the loop

  • Use our platform’s inbuilt workflows and automation to move faster towards engagements that reflect customer preferences
  • Surface insights to the right people across the organization so that they become actionable
  • Close the loop by letting your customers know their feedback has been delivered and implemented
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Deliver clear ROI

Deliver clear ROI and business results

  • A tightly integrated platform, Base is uniquely positioned to facilitate end-to-end ROI tracking and reporting
  • Be empowered to earn executive buy-in and grow your team and initiatives
  • Unlock cross-company collaborations that will bring your company to the forefront

Launch a review program that flows with value

Improve engagements

Improve engagements to open a powerful 2-way conversation with your customers

Nothing is more important than knowing what your customers think and feel about your product or service.

Automate workflows

Automate workflows & leverage best practices to move faster & smarter

Move quickly to roll out initiatives that make a powerful impact on retention and acquisition.

Play a pivotal role

Play a pivotal role in supporting your company’s long term growth

Knowing what your market needs to succeed is all-powerful! And, when your customers know you are listening, the relationship wins.

Christina Garnett
"Base's gamified advocacy platform provides an opportunity to scale our advocates' engagement in what matters most to them. A variety of challenge options means that advocates don't just have one way to share their love and knowledge of HubSpot."

Christina Garnett,Senior Marketing Manager Offline Community & Advocacy, HubSpot