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Customer Stories

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Christina Garnett

"Base's gamified advocacy platform provides an opportunity to scale our advocates' engagement in what matters most to them. A variety of challenge options means that advocates don't just have one way to share their love and knowledge of HubSpot."

Christina Garnett, Senior Marketing Manager, Offline Community & Advocacy at HubSpot
Jonathan Goldberg

“The Base platform allows users to effectively scale their customer advocacy programs. It would be almost impossible to run an advocacy program without a platform such as Base, especially for companies that have a large number of individual users.”

Jonathan Goldberg, Director of Customer Success Marketing & Analyst Relations at Similarweb
Luis Gonzales

“Base’s ability to mobilize advocates to provide peer reviews and quotes is truly remarkable. What took months to earn was sped up to days.
Using Base has allowed us to quickly learn more about our advocate’s ecosystem, which enables us to better serve them at scale.”

Luis Gonzales, Manager, Global Customer at Alteryx
Anat Oron

"Not relying on sales for advocacy is SOOO important. This platform helped us create a direct channel with customers, which makes the lives of our sales team so much easier. Case studies, references, referrals, customer logos and much more – is coming directly from customers."

Anat Oron,Customer Marketing Director at Radware

“Advocacy is the most powerful source of credibility that you can have. And building a pool of brand champions makes everyone’s job at the company easier… It’s going to make the renewal conversation easier because they’re getting value in so many other ways... Customer advocacy done right, impacts every single team.”

Veronica Covdy,Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Webflow
Carol Netapp

"I really wanted a platform where we could build relationships with the customer, that the customer would consider being a reference without us having to ask, they would be able to go to the buffet, put whatever they wanted on their plates and eat whatever they wanted."

Carol Martin,Global Customer References Engagement Manager, NetApp
Sarah Miller

Base lets us manage community, engagement, rewards, and references. We're able to manage a larger scope and volume of work with a smaller team that we might otherwise need. Our success team is invested in realizing the goals and outcomes of our customer advocacy program. When we have questions about the solution, or ideas and requests, they listen. And not just listen, they plan and execute. Base is a partner for our program, not just a solution provider.

Sarah Miller, Manager, Customer Advocacy at NICE
Steve George

There are elements in Base that allow a customer engagement or customer advocacy professional to run an end to end campaign, be it to source reviews, case studies, testimonials or create a pipeline of customer references and much more.
The ASKs to rewards system is pretty good and works well for our programme. The customer learning curve is a little long but the customer success manager assigned to us is great.”

Steve George, Customer Advocacy Programs and Technology at Gitlab
Ashley Swift

The UI is intuitive and provides an exceptional experience for our customer champions. I have had very few technical issues with Base (if any?!) since launching the portal, saving me a great deal of time. The reports are also top-notch! There are no manual data pulls to provide snapshots to my executives - I have metrics at my fingertips to share out instantaneously.

Ashley Swift, Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing at Druva

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