Drive Advocacy and Reviews

Build trust to convert happy customers into happy advocates.

Good customer Advocacy is about building mutually rewarding relationships with happy customers, even as you scale. Our platform leverages consolidated customer experience data, gathered throughout the journey and from multiple touch-points so that you can unearth every customer’s best path to loyalty and Advocacy.

Drive Advocacy and Reviews

Advocacy opportunities live everywhere in the journey

Every customer has an optimal path to advocacy that can only be paved through ongoing, mutually rewarding communications.

From better engaged, to contributor, and on to full-blown advocate, our platform helps you understand the level of advocacy your candidate is at, and helps you deliver relevant ASKs, in a manner that works best for them, and for you. By interacting with customers in a contextual and highly-personalized manner, Base customers see over 60% conversion rate of their targeted ASKs.

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Add Science to the Art of Advocacy

Advocacy Data

Get the Advocacy Data You Need

Consolidate touchpoints, sentiment and engagement levels into a single source of truth, and assess your customers and accounts’ readiness on their advocacy path with your product and brand.

Advocacy Scoring Model

Build Your Advocacy Scoring Model

Build an Advocacy scoring model based on user preferences, motivation, sentiment, maturity, and satisfaction. Create campaigns based on and triggered by the different acts of advocacy, and lead your users on a path to loyalty!

Measure Advocacy

Drive and Measure Advocacy Impact

Create a constant flow of advocacy outcomes in no time, with pre-set journey-based triggers, and start showing your organization the data that proves you are moving the adoption, upsell, retention, referral, and ABM needles.

Roll-out Advocacy Programs that Scale

Advocacy Path

Lead Your Customers Along an Advocacy Path

  • Post-sale, your customers start a new journey with many more touchpoints. Use our platform to unlock better customer engagement and experiences that drive advocacy and gradual user activation.
  • Make engagement contextual to the user’s post-sale journey and activate customers more effectively with relevant, timely, and journey-specific ASKs.
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Scale Effortlessly With Automation

Scale Effortlessly With Automation

  • Build campaigns once, run them continuously, appeal to each individual user with the relative advocacy act and score.
  • Engage the entire customer base within each users’ journey, leveraging insights and triggers, to make it contextual at scale.
  • Create a constant flow of advocacy outcomes by automating campaigns and sequencing your ASKs based on time, actions and responses
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Make Advocacy Count

Make Advocacy Count

  • Leverage over 30 attributes for company and user profiling, and supercharge your advocacy program conversion rates.
  • Target based on business goals (adoption, upsell, retention, referral, or ABM) and automate funnel-building campaigns such as Renewal and Expansion.
Luis Gonzalez
“From a customer marketing perspective, Base is the first of its kind in helping customer marketing & advocacy practitioners bundle reference management, advocacy management, and marketing as well as customer marketing.”

Luis Gonzalez, Manager,Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx

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