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References are powerful proof of your commitment to supporting your customers’ success. Use our platform to expedite sales cycles and influence revenue by empowering GTM teams to work with you, without having to leave their regular environment.

Streamline Customer

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger - Alive!

Use our platform to take your Customer Reference program from a fixed pool of happy, compliant customers to a dynamic growth driver for your company – and your team.

Diversify your reference pool to avoid fatigue


Automate reference journeys from opt-in, to best match, to win


Track the impact of your reference program from call to revenue


Use the world’s most courteous Reference Bot to capture opportunities

Reference Bot

Be at the cutting edge of Customer Reference Management

Be geared to unleash your program’s full potential with untouched effort, and then track and report on your outstanding outcomes so your team can really take off.


Diversify your reference pool

Empower Sales to nominate customers to your referral program. Build progressive campaigns that motivate a diversity of customers to become references.


Help close deals quicker

Make it seamless for sales execs to request references and content from within the CRM and trigger workflows that know when a the call has taken place.


Connect the dots

Track references, social proof, and user-generated content to the deals they helped close to report on your revenue impact and justify additional resources.

Grow, align, and streamline for WoM with clout

Fuel your reference pool

Fuel your reference pool

  • Auto-identify candidates and create ASKs for customers with strategic value to join your reference pool on their own terms.
  • Let sales reps and CSMs nominate and invite customers to your reference program from within the integrated CRM.
Accelerate time to win

Accelerate time-to-win

  • Enable sales exec self-serve so they can move fast to find the most relevant references and content to help them close a deal.
  • Choose between a managed or hybrid approach when it comes to reaching out to referencable customers.
Enrich the buyer journey

Enrich the buyer journey with our Reference Bot

  • Offer your prospects relevant references by industry, country, size, and use-case, while they’re browsing your website via our extra-courteous Reference Bot.
  • Create and maintain strategic customer profiles with segmentation to capture leads and evidence intake.
Close the attribution loop

Close the attribution loop

  • Create workflows that know to notify you when a reference call has taken place and its impact.
  • Demonstrate the influence of reference management on revenue, by tying reference calls and content to the opportunities they’ve helped close and win.
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Luis Gonzalez
“From a customer marketing perspective, Base is the first of its kind in helping customer marketing & advocacy practitioners bundle reference management, advocacy management, and marketing as well as customer marketing.”

Luis Gonzalez, Manager,Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx

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