Customer Marketing Industry: Disruption & Evolution



In today's rapidly evolving business environment, understanding the dynamics of customer marketing has never been more critical. Join us for an exclusive webinar that dives deep into the heart of the customer marketing industry, shedding light on its current state, emerging trends, where it's headed, and the significant impact of Influitive's recent acquisition.


Watch to hear more about:

  • Market in review: Where is the industry headed, what’s happening to CMA teams, what’s the difference between Customer-Led Growth, Customer Experience, and Customer Engagement?

  • Navigating the Shift: What is propelling the shift to CLG strategies, how is AI impacting our industry, and what are companies and practitioners missing out on.

  • Strategic Insights: Gain insights into implementing effective CMA and CLG programs, aligning with senior leadership on outcomes, defining the right KPIs measuring revenue influence, and sharing program contributions.

  • The Influitive Acquisition: Dive into the discussion surrounding Jigsaw's acquisition of Influitive. Understand the market reactions, the strategic implications for the customer marketing industry, and what it means for the future.


Mark Organ is the founder and Executive Chairmen of Influitive. As a seasoned go-to-market specialist and former CEO, Mark has a track record of driving growth in the tech sector and mentoring emerging leaders. His career spans founding six companies, raising over fifteen rounds of financing, and building a global presence across Toronto, Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Singapore. Committed to helping CEOs excel professionally and personally, he brings invaluable insights from his successes and challenges.