Captivate Collective Workshop for Base Customers

workshop with captivate collective

Get Ready for Some Seriously Practical Spring Training 

In this full-transparency webinar, Captivate team members will share their secret sauce by taking a deep-dive into their own methodology for planning and building Base advocacy campaigns. 

They’ll cover everything you need to know for launching engaging and entertaining Base campaigns that yield results, including: 

  • What Base campaigns are and why they work
  • Real life examples of Base campaign creation 
  • A step by step guide to designing Base campaigns and 
  • Best practices for streamlining campaign creation in Base  

Free Resources to Make It a Grand Slam
All registrants will receive a Campaign Ask Planner template so you can hit the field running, and we’ll even be giving away a full scale, templated Captivate Campaign for Base to one lucky attendee! (Not sure what that is? Come find out!)