Celebrating the  TOP100 Influencers and Strategists in Customer Marketing & Advocacy


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It’s been both a challenging and an exciting year for Customer Marketing, as the practice continues on its evolutionary path towards Customer-Led Growth. In spite and perhaps in light of the current economy, we’re seeing more companies catch on and embrace the strategy, as practitioners are proving their programs’ worth in growth – on every plane. From an overall improved experience, to advocacy, to revenue, retention, references and beyond, every win calls for a celebration. We’re proud to be spotlighting our industry’s MVPs and highlighting the top thought leaders in Customer Marketing and Advocacy.             

Gal Biran CEO and Co-founder, Base

Welcome to the 2024 TOP100 in CMA!

Celebrate the journey from Customer Marketers to Customer-Led Growth practitioners with this year's TOP100 Strategists & Influencers program. It's a collective acknowledgment of the knowledge we've gained, emphasizing the shift toward prioritizing people's engagement. Our focus is on nurturing relationships with customers, teams, communities, vendors, and employees to fuel growth. By spotlighting the stories of super-engagers in our space, we aim to inspire and guide others on the path to unlocking the future of B2B through improved engagement.

Program Progress

January 18
Nominations Open
January 31
Nominations Close
February 5
Voting Opens
February 12
Voting Closes
February 13
Judging Begins
February 28
TOP100 Announced!


Nominations Are Now Open


Are you an individual that has elevated their strengths to new heights, achieving remarkable results in aspects such as Customer Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Expansion? Are there leaders within your network who are actively implementing a customer-led strategy built on cross-functional collaborations?

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Meet the Judges

Allyson Havener
Allyson Havener
SVP of Marketing and Community, TrustRadius
Luis González
Luis González
Head of Global Customer Advocacy, Alteryx
Michaela DiChiro
Michaela DiChiro
Director, Global Customer References & Advocacy, Salesforce
Judges Top100 2024 (1)
Helen Feber
Member of Board of Directors, Referential
Adrian Chang
Adrian Chang
VP Marketing, Mindtickle
Christina Garnett
Christina Garnett
Fractional Chief Customer Officer 
Melissa Van Pelt
Melissa VanPelt
VP, Customer Marketing, Seismic

Over the past decade, our journey in customer marketing has been a testament to resilience, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to customer-led growth. In a landscape marked by challenges, we've not just weathered storms but emerged stronger, demonstrating the profound impact of customer-centric strategies. It's time to celebrate the trailblazers and visionaries who have propelled our industry forward. Each success story, whether in enhanced customer experiences, advocacy, revenue generation, retention, or beyond, is a triumph for our community.

Kalina Bryant Chief Evangelist, Base

What's in it For the Winners?
A year-long knowledge-sharing celebration!

Throughout the year, we will engage our TOP100 CMA Influencers & Strategists in a range of practitioner-led learning programs, designed to move every member of the community forward. We’ll be introducing a mentoring program, holding live and virtual meetups, hosting webinars and podcasts, and rolling out educational courses and content, that will highlight their successes, while showing us how they got there. Ready to unleash next-level growth and be recognized as a thought leader?