Shaping the Future Together: TOP100 CMA 2024 Nominations Now Open!

Shaping the Future Together: TOP100 CMA 2024 Nominations Now Open!


We're thrilled to kick off the 2024 TOP100 in Customer Marketing & Advocacy (CMA), celebrating the trailblazers and visionaries who have been redefining the boundaries of customer-led growth. In its third annual iteration, this event is not just about accolades; it's a testament to excellence, innovation, and the profound impact of individuals in our industry.

Why Awards Matter
Awards hold a special place in our community, serving as beacons that illuminate the incredible work, dedication, and impact of our peers. They are more than acknowledgments; they're affirmations of the outstanding contributions that shape our collective journey. Here's why awards, especially the TOP100 CMA, are so significant:
  1. Recognizing Excellence: The TOP100 CMA is a platform to recognize and celebrate excellence in customer marketing and advocacy. It's a stage where the best and brightest minds come together, sharing their insights and experiences to elevate the entire industry.
  2. Elevating Customer-Centric Strategies: This year, our focus is on Impact. We're on the lookout for CMA strategists who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and measurable success in their campaigns. Whether through advocacy or teaching, our nominees are the pioneers of customer-centric strategies, influencers who shape opinions, and strategists turning challenges into opportunities.
  3. Community Building: Beyond individual recognition, the TOP100 CMA is a celebration of our vibrant community.

It's a chance to connect, learn, and amplify the collective impact of customer marketing enthusiasts and practitioners. The bonds formed in this community are the threads weaving a tapestry of innovation and collaboration.

How to Set Yourself Apart as a Nominee
Being nominated for the TOP100 CMA is an honor in itself, but standing out among the impressive pool of nominees requires thoughtful effort. Here are some strategies to help you distinguish yourself as a nominee:

  1. Craft a Compelling Nomination Story: Clearly articulate your achievements, innovations, and impact in the customer marketing and advocacy space.Share specific examples of successful campaigns, measurable results, and challenges overcome.
  2. Showcase Your Unique Approach: Highlight what sets you apart from others in the industry. Emphasize any innovative strategies, creative campaigns, or unique perspectives you've brought to customer marketing.
  3. Demonstrate Measurable Impact: Provide data-backed evidence of how your initiatives have driven tangible business results. Quantify the impact of your customer marketing efforts on acquisition, retention, and overall business growth.
  4. Engage with the Community: Actively participate in discussions around the TOP100 CMA on social media and industry forums. Showcase your passion for customer marketing and advocacy beyond the nomination process.

Remember, the TOP100 CMA is not just about recognizing achievements; it's about celebrating the individuals who have redefined the boundaries of customer-led growth. Showcase your unique contributions and make your mark in the world of customer marketing and advocacy.

How to Get Involved

Nominate yourself or someone you know who is making a difference in the customer marketing arena. This is your chance to recognize and be recognized among the best in customer marketing. Here's how the process unfolds:
  • Open Nominations (Now until January 31st): Nominate outstanding individuals in the field.
  • Nominee Form (Upon Nomination): Nominees will receive an email with a link to the Nominee Form to provide additional insights.
  • People's Choice Voting (February 1st- February 9th): Everyone gets a chance to vote for nominees based on their familiarity with them.
  • Judges' Influence (Week of February 9th): The esteemed panel of judges will narrow down the final list to the TOP100 achievers.
  • Announcement (February 28th): Join us as we reveal the final TOP100!
Let's shape the future together by recognizing and celebrating the brilliance and innovation in customer marketing. Submit your nominations today, and let's make the 2024 TOP100 CMA the most impactful celebration yet!

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