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The Power of Human Connection: 5 Key Takeaways from Christina Garnett’s Session on The Obsession CLG Tour 2023

The Power of Human Connection: 5 Key Takeaways from Christina Garnett’s Session on The Obsession CLG Tour 2023

The Power of Human Connection: 5 Key Takeaways from Christina Garnett’s Session on The Obsession CLG Tour 2023

“I am a firm believer that AI is a singularity, it’s not going anywhere, it is here to stay, there is not going to be this hype cycle that we saw with NFTs and web three, there’s too much at stake and the genie is proverbially out of the bottle.”

As the Principal Marketing Manager of Offline Community and Advocacy at HubSpot, Christina Garnett clearly knows her stuff, and her presentation titled “Unlocking the Power of AI: Building a Symbiotic Relationship between Advocacy and Community for Customer Marketing Success” was a delightful follow-up to MK’s talk. Today, we’ll walk through the five most crucial takeaways from her session, focusing on the incredible potential of customer advocacy and community, the genius of AI, and the art of building genuine human connections with our customers.

1. The Ultimate Meet Cute: Advocacy and Community
Picture this: a rom com where two characters walk into a store, looking for pajamas. One wants the top, the other the bottoms, and bam! They end up in a pickle together. Advocacy and community have the same sparkly chemistry. They’re like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. They unlock opportunities, build bridges, and connect us deeply with our audience. Whether you’re a one-person show or part of a bigger team, they’ve got your back and help you shine.

2. Empowering Advocates for Endless Growth
When it comes to advocates, empowerment is the name of the game. Instead of the usual case studies and videos, why not ask them what they’d love to do? Offer unique access and opportunities that only your company can provide. Let them soar as influencers, host events, or create content that genuinely speaks to their passions. When you empower your advocates, they become your superpowered brand ambassadors.

“Treat AI like an intern. Provide guidelines, and it will help you prioritize your time, making core memories that leave a lasting impact on your community.”

3. Let AI Be Your Ally in Planning and Execution
Hey, planning season! It’s not always our favorite, but it’s a necessary evil. Luckily, AI can be your trusty sidekick. Use it to create planning documents and streamline program development and onboarding. And when it comes to data analysis, AI’s got your back. It reveals those precious insights about customer behavior, guiding your decisions and making you look like a marketing wizard.

“AI is an extension of our intelligence, not a replacement. It lets us become more human, fostering deeper connections with our customers.”

4. Humanize AI to Maximize Impact
I know, AI can be a bit scary, but let’s see it in a new light. It’s not here to replace us; it’s here to help us be more human. AI takes care of the nitty-gritty tasks, giving us the time and space to focus on authentic connections with our customers. By putting the “human” back into AI, we can make our customers feel cherished and understood, leaving a lasting impression.

“We are at the frontlines of humanity. We are at the frontlines of human connection. And so, we need to be spending our efforts and making sure that the people who are in our groups, who are in our programs, who are in our community feel heard and feel understood and feel appreciated.”

5. Prioritize Human Connection and Memories
Amidst all the data and technology, we must remember the essence of customer marketing: human connection. It’s the heart and soul of what we do. Customers may forget facts and figures, but they’ll always remember how we made them feel. So, let’s prioritize creating core memories with our customers. Invest in those genuine interactions, and watch the magic unfold.

In conclusion, Christina Garnett reminded us of the profound impact of human connection in customer marketing. By embracing the synergy between advocacy and community, empowering our advocates, and wisely leveraging AI, we can rewrite the playbook of customer marketing. Together, let us craft a future that thrives on authentic engagement, forging unforgettable memories with our customers that resonate for a lifetime.