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#1 Cloud Software for Legal Practice Management is using Base to grow advocacy among its customers and drive revenue
New Jersey, USA
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Customers joined the reference pool in 3 months


Customers joined the reference pool in 3 months


Closed won customers in 6 months. More than double in 1 year


In 2012, our founding visionary, Rick Kabra, Ph.D., realized. — after several years of developing specialized legal software — that the time had come to bring the benefits of “The Cloud” to law offices. Rick saw how Cloud computing can especially help small-to-midsize firms keep their legal technology simple and cost-efficient. Rick and CosmoLex CTO, Pankaj Gupta, began to build a cloud-based law practice system as no one had ever seen before. They created CosmoLex with a singular vision — to handle ALL law firm operational needs with a single log-in available in a cloud application. And with a simple goal in mind — to “help lawyers spend less time managing their practice and more time practicing law.”


As a leading legal practice management cloud software company, CosmoLex, was looking for a system to manage and scale customer advocacy. CosmoLex reviewed vendors, trying to solve for several needs, yet all the alternatives were focused on a specific need, such as customer referrals, without creating a centralized framework for advocacy and customer engagement. The idea of managing and purchasing several tools wasn’t appealing.

“We didn’t know what exactly we wanted, we only knew our objective was to grow customer advocacy, increase loyalty, and do so with a clear impact on revenue.”

– Josh Goldberg, Marketing Director


Josh Goldberg, Marketing Director at CosmoLex, was referred to Base as an holistic solution. Once he saw that Base supports all of their use cases in a single platform, connects to CRM, and supports SSO integration with their product, he recognized a potential solution. The first step was a trial where they wanted to make sure the CosmoLex team can achieve their objective to generate advocacy at scale with a small team, and measure the influence on revenue. While rolling-out their customer advocacy program, Base worked with Josh Goldberg and Maria Spanicciati, the Content Marketing Manager, to make the launch process smooth and seamless.


One of the invaluable benefits that Base has provided for the CosmoLex team is efficiency. Capturing tens of referrals, reference customers, quotes and customers stories, reviews and more, became totally automated and requires minimal administration and program management effort by the team. “The best thing about Base automation is that with minimal effort, roughly 1 hour a week, we can achieve our advocacy goals, while the system streamlines all the processes and outreach for us.” Maria Spanicciati, Content & Advocacy Manager CosmoLex now has crucial visibility into their advocate customer base and can reach customers across the entire customer lifecycle. Through a simple process, Maria creates various ASKs to target specific cohorts of users. Whether she wants to target CosmoLex’s customers by location, CRM attributes, product usage e, or past activity she can do so within minutes. CosmoLex approached Base looking to not only increase customer engagement and collaboration, but also see an increase in revenue. Base helped to achieve this by dramatically increasing the number and quality of referrals, allowing over 40% win rate, as well as supporting sales teams with new customer stories, reviews, and references.