Customer On-Boarding Story: Transforming Customer Marketing with


Mural is a virtual tool that enables innovative teams to collaborate visually and brainstorm solutions to problems or challenges. Creating simple but comprehensive diagrams and expressing ideas in a virtual, collaborative space are some of the top reasons innovative teams love this tool. In many ways, Mural is a “thinking canvas” that you use to organize your ideas in lists, flowcharts, frameworks, or drawings.
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Mural, a leading virtual collaboration tool, empowers innovative teams to visualize and solve challenges collaboratively. Kassie Gold, the Customer Marketing Manager at Mural, faced the challenge of managing the customer base efficiently. Her responsibilities encompassed adoption, retention, and advocacy programs, all crucial for driving customer success and organizational growth. As a team of one, Kassie needed a comprehensive solution to streamline her efforts, track engagement, and demonstrate the impact of her programs to the leadership team.

Business Challenge and Solution

Prior to implementing, Kassie lacked a centralized platform to manage and track customer marketing initiatives. The absence of robust tracking mechanisms hindered her ability to effectively showcase her programs' ROI. Kassie sought a solution that seamlessly integrates with Mural's existing infrastructure and Salesforce, allowing her to monitor customer engagement, track advocacy efforts, and present key metrics convincingly.

Upon discovering, Kassie recognized its potential to address all her needs within customer marketing. offered a multifaceted platform with automation capabilities, enabling Kassie to manage her programs efficiently and accurately track engagement metrics. The platform's seamless integration with Salesforce streamlined data management processes, providing Kassie with actionable insights to optimize her customer marketing strategies.

"As soon as I saw, I knew I needed the platform because it was a multifaceted solution that would help me achieve all my needs within customer marketing."

– Kassie Gold, Customer Marketing Manager


The onboarding process with, including Salesforce integration, was completed within just six weeks. Kassie appreciated the exceptional customer support provided throughout the implementation phase. With, Kassie gained visibility into her customer base like never before. She could now track customer champions across various touchpoints, including speaking events, content generation, pipeline influence, and revenue impact.'s intuitive dashboard enabled Kassie to effectively showcase her customer marketing programs' impact. As a result, she could demonstrate the value of her initiatives to the leadership team with quantifiable metrics, enhancing the importance of customer marketing within the organization. Moreover, relieved the pressure on the customer success team by facilitating more effective collaboration and resource utilization.

Future Plan

Looking ahead, Mural plans to leverage further by implementing additional functionalities, such as the community platform, to enhance customer engagement and tracking capabilities. By fully harnessing's features, Mural aims to establish a dynamic and engaging customer marketing platform that drives sustained growth and advocacy.

In conclusion, has emerged as an indispensable asset for Mural, empowering Kassie Gold to revolutionize customer marketing practices and drive tangible business outcomes. Through seamless integration, comprehensive tracking, and actionable insights, has enabled Mural to effectively elevate its customer-centric approach and foster long-term customer relationships.