Scaling New Heights with Base: A Partnership of Innovation


NICE, a global leader in customer experience solutions (CX), sought to transform its advocacy efforts through a strategic partnership with Base. Facing challenges in reference management and advocacy processes, NICE was in search of a scalable, flexible, and innovative solution to meet their growing needs.
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In collaboration with Base, NICE's goal was to launch the first B2B customer loyalty program in the CX industry. They aimed to streamline reference management, enhance user experience, and drive ROI through automation and collaboration. 

Business Challenge and Solution

NICE encountered challenges with existing reference management tools and processes, hindering scalability, efficiency, and user experience. They needed a solution that could adapt to their evolving advocacy strategies and provide tangible ROI.

Base emerged as the ideal partner, offering a comprehensive platform for all advocacy functions, including reference management, ASKs, rewards, and a community. With its scalability, flexibility, and culture of innovation, Base aligned perfectly with NICE's goals and values.

NICE embraced Base's comprehensive platform, leveraging its automation capabilities and customizable workflows to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. The partnership with Base fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation, driving tangible results for NICE.

"Base has everything that we need. It's a single platform for all of our advocacy functions, and the scalability and flexibility goes along with that"

– Kara Bankhead, Director of Customer Advocacy


Through its partnership with Base, NICE achieved significant milestones, including tracking influenced ROI, enhancing user experience with a refreshed interface, and fostering collaboration and partnership. They achieved very strong growth in membership reaching +326% higher than their annual target. They were even able to receive an impressive 66 video responses from customers with just on Ask! The roadmap includes exciting initiatives such as a rewards store, customer credentials academy, and referral programs.

NICE started small, focusing initially on reference management. Automation became the cornerstone, with every step customizable by NICE without external dependencies. This level of autonomy was a game-changer, allowing the team to tailor processes, update workflows, and manage the entire platform effortlessly. 

  1. Influence and ROI:
  • With Base, NICE gained the ability to track and report on influenced ROI. The platform showcased the tangible impact of references on pipeline and revenue, allowing NICE to demonstrate its value to leadership.
  1. Enhanced User Experience:
  • Base's modern interface addressed NICE's need for a refreshed look, making the platform user-friendly and efficient. The ability to make changes without heavy lifting transformed the user experience for NICE.
  1. Collaboration and Partnership:
  • NICE and Base formed a collaborative partnership, with shared values of innovation. The alignment in culture allowed for seamless collaboration and effective communication.

Future Plan

As NICE continues its journey of innovation and growth, Base remains a trusted partner, driving success through seamless collaboration, customizable solutions, and a shared commitment to excellence. With Base, NICE is poised to scale new heights in advocacy, efficiency, and ROI.

The roadmap includes establishing a store for rewards, launching an academy for customer credentials and certifications, initiating referral and loyalty programs, and much more!