Webinar: Designing Customer Marketing Programs that Support Upsell and Expansion

Webinar: Designing Customer Marketing Programs that Support Upsell and Expansion


In today's competitive landscape, driving upsell and expansion opportunities with existing customers is critical for growth and sustainability. B2B companies need to focus on building strong customer relationships and delivering value beyond the initial sale to retain customers and grow revenue. 

In this webinar, Anat Oron from Radware, Lauren Stefano, and Mason Sokana from Egnyte, will provide insights into how they roll out B2B customer marketing programs that help support Sale's upsell and expansion strategies. Our panel of experts will share their insights and practical tips for creating effective customer marketing programs that drive results. We'll explore the importance of understanding customer needs, behavior, and preferences, and leveraging data-driven insights to create targeted and personalized campaigns. We'll also discuss best practices for customer segmentation, account-based marketing, and cross-selling and upselling tactics that can help drive revenue growth.

Key takeaways:

  • The role of customer marketing programs in supporting upsell and expansion
  • Best practices for customer segmentation and account-based marketing
  • Effective cross-selling and upselling tactics
  • Types of customer marketing programs that support upsell and expansion, such as loyalty programs, referral programs, and account-based marketing
  • Strategies for measuring the success of customer marketing programs in driving upsell and expansion

Who should attend:

This webinar is designed for anyone in B2B customer marketing and lifecycle marketing who is interested in learning how to use customer marketing programs to support their upsell and expansion efforts. Attendees will come away with actionable insights and strategies for building strong