What is
Customer-Led Growth (CLG)


Customer-led Growth (CLG) is a strategic framework that positions the customer at the core of everything a company does.

A natural evolution of Customer Marketing, CLG is enabling marketing leaders to influence a new paradigm of revenue impacting metrics:

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Expansion
What is Customer-Led Growth CLG

In a CLG company everyone is aligned around the higher purpose of giving your customers what they need to succeed and grow.

Here's 5 things to know about CLG as you embark on your evolutionary journey to CLG

1. Founded on good engagement (yes, even at scale!), CLG creates a flywheel that accelerates reciprocal growth and happiness.


2. In a CLG approach, what we learn from interacting with our customers about our services or products is weaved directly into delivering increasing value to our customers.


3. CLG is about elevating the customer-vendor relationship to partnership status, so that everyone plays a role in shaping the tools required for success, and everyone plays a role in telling your communal story.


4. CLG is so-simple-yet-so-powerful because, when you look at the data coming in, you see that your customers are your best demand generators, your best brand ambassadors, your most powerful sales tool and your smartest users.


5. CLG aims to continually optimize user experiences throughout the lifecycle to unlock more. More more adoption, more users, more loyalty, and more expansion and upsell. More success.

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