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Driving The First TOP100 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Strategists & Influencers

Driving The First TOP100 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Strategists & Influencers

The industry’s first TOP25 & TOP100 celebrates the thinkers and the doers in Customer Marketing & Advocacy (CMA)

“For the first time in the CMA space, we are recognizing the TOP25 Influencers and the TOP100 Strategists that are leading the way, driving visibility and value for our industry and their respective organizations as a whole. With the growth of the digital frontier, there has never been a more pertinent time for the collective efforts of Customer Marketing and Advocacy to be recognized and celebrated.” — Ari Hoffman, Global Director of Customer Advocacy at Crowdvocate. 

In 2005, the concept of Inbound Marketing was introduced to the world as a new means for generating demand in a newly digital world. Marketers everywhere were awakened to the power of content in bringing customers right to your virtual doorstep with a clear intent to buy. The concept was nothing short of revolutionary, and by 2017 marketing teams in every industry were completely transformed, technologies were deployed, and business models were established. 

Almost 2 decades down the line, the big data is in, and Inbound is losing its clout. In fact, Forrester just recently reported that the key measure of success in Demand Marketing – the end-to-end conversion ratio from organic search to qualified lead — sits at less than 1%. The jaw-dropping counter figure here is that the average B2B organization now gets 77% of its revenue from existing customers. This is an affirmation of the aha moment we’ve all been anticipating for some time now: your customers are your best customers – and they’re also your best demand generators. In fact, around here we like to say that partnering with your customers is the key to growth on all fronts. It’s called Customer-led growth and it’s a giant evolutionary leap forward for the B2B world.  

Customer-led growth is the aha moment of the century! Nominate and vote for TOP25 Influencers and TOP100 Strategists in Customer Marketing & Advocacy (CMA) 2022 #TOP100CMA #Customermarketing #Customerledgrowth Crowdvocate

Armed with a Customer-led growth approach, marketers are embracing the CMA (Customer Marketing & Advocacy) practice that is quickly gaining traction and taking a well-deserved seat at the table across departmental plans, team compositions, and budgets moving forward. The past few years have been challenging on many fronts, but it’s these extraordinary conditions that have led to a rapid evolution in CMA that may have otherwise taken decades! With everyone and everything becoming more remote, and digital, and savvy, B2B marketers are discarding the traditional funnel and rethinking their strategies. 

These are hugely exciting times that we are lucky to be witnessing, leading, and shaping the new era in B2B marketing. As we look towards the future, we are delighted to be sponsoring the B2B marketing industry’s first ever Customer Marketing & Advocacy TOP100 list, which will include nominations for 25 top influencers in this space, and for 100 strategists that are already achieving great things as practitioners in this space. 

The TOP100 in CMA is our way of stepping off the sidelines to applaud our peers and those that inspire us through their continued effort to vocalize how we are progressing as a whole,” says Ari. “It’s one of those special times where we pause to take a moment to recognize our industry MVPs, take inspiration from their sharp, creative minds and the crucial parts that they play in propelling us all forward.” 

The Customer Marketing & Advocacy community is getting its first TOP25 Influencers & TOP100 Strategists list and you could be a part of it! I’d love to be nominated for this, help me get on the list? #TOP100CMA #CUSTOMERMARKETING